Uncover the story behind customer metrics

Adaptive Pulse analyzes unstructured data to surface customer themes and correlations, build predictive models, and deliver actionable insights for customer-facing teams.

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Adaptive Pulse works alongside existing workflows

AI-driven reports, recommendations and actionable insights from the segments that matter to you.

Performance Analysis

Trending analysis to enable retention, revenue, support and product teams to keep improving by learning from what works and what doesn't.

Churn Analysis

Understand why your customers are leaving and enable your retention teams with the intelligence needed to prevent churn before it happens.

Win/Loss Analysis

Analyze data from won and lost deals to find themes, patterns, and insights to help maximize revenue growth by selling better and more.

Partner Analysis

Segment you partner data by metrics that make sense to your business. Analyze by their account size, tier, value, sentiment or activity.

Initiative Analysis

Analyze data from before, during, and after initiatives to understanding effectiveness of such projects for future planning and proposes.

Channel Analysis

Understand your customer data in each channel (Slack, Intercom, emails, social, call, etc.) to effectively optimize each channel.

Customer Intelligence at your finger tips

Find out how Adaptive Pulse can supercharge your retention and revenue metrics using customer intelligence.