Use Cases

Customer Intelligence unlocked for all teams.

All the data

Multi-level Management

Stay on top of the customer trends, changes over time, and team performance through our platform where data is aggregated, analyzed, and reported through a quick and convenient live dashboard.

High-level insights
Performance reporting

Revenue Teams

Keep teams customer-centric and data-driven for customer acquisition initiatives and strategies, while bridging knowledge gaps between Sales, Marketing, Product efforts.

Pre-sales insights
Theme analysis
Team Enablement
User flow
Super woman

Customer Success

Empower your CSMs with seamless account inheritance, automated actionable churn, upsell, and advocacy insights, so they can spend more time with their customers, using our AI-driven churn risk, revenue and advocacy opportunity models.

Post-sales insights
Customer summary
Team enablement

Customer Intelligence at your finger tips

Find out how Adaptive Pulse can supercharge your retention and revenue metrics using customer intelligence.