Meeting Pulses

Automated customer analysis before each meeting to prepare and refresh within minutes, all in one place. Post-meeting summaries after each meeting with action items, and shareable to stakeholders. Delivered straight to your inbox.

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Calendar Integrations

Connect your Google or Office365 calendars

Automated pre/post meeting summaries
Simple setup and we take care of the rest
Daily schedule and historical archives

NLP and Machine Learning

Using our own custom built models built for customer facing teams

Customer themes and trends
Data Summarization
Followup Items
Private Notes
Public Notes
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Custom Integrations

The more data, the better the analysis

How it works

Pre-Meeting Summary

Sent straight to your inbox the night before your meetings, with full report attached with account details

Post-Meeting Summary

Shareable Public Summary with action items, and Private options for internal use

Customer Intelligence at your finger tips

Find out how Adaptive Pulse can supercharge your meetings with customer intelligence when and where you need it.